We got the task to come up with the naming and identity for a new office building project of an important Czech developer. The task was to implement the project into the residential part called DOCK, that has already been built. That is why we connected the”IN” to DOCK and changed not only the meaning of the word but also the target group.

DOCK IN MEANING: to join, connect

The project of residential buildings and office complex by the Vltava River in Prague.

Offices for open minds.


DOCK INspire campaign was created with the help of a great photographer – Peter Hricko. It’s inspired by the creative atmosphere of the Libeň dock and shows the real benefits of the surroundings.


For the web page we created series of animated icons and videos showing the surroundings of the project.

About the project

Personal approach is worth a thousand words. On the website, you can personally meet the Crestyl team and learn about their view on this fundamental project.

Buildings marking

The DOCK IN project will grow in the future. It’s identity is prepared to grow with it by using a simple typographic game.