Ceny SDGs

Campaign to promote sustainable development goals.
The global targets were agreed by all 193 UN member states. Together with the global agreement, by 2030, global poverty is eradicated, inequality is eliminated and climate change is successfully tackled.

The assignment for us was to familiarize the Czech public with SDGs and motivate her to actively participate in the Ceny SDGs. We came up with an idea to reach out to famous celebrities and implement the campaign.

The Czechia is changing the world

In the spotlight, a celebrity figure chosen to be active in a given issue is behind every global goal.
Besides famous faces, Wenceslas, the homeless, was brought to the spot.

And yet it turns!

We have created a web and color interactive identity based on the vision of global goals.



Promotion of SDGs

Produced in partnership with photographer Petr Hricko, portraits of personalities with the given goals were realized. We then used the visuals in a digital campaign.