The Association of Social Responsibility

The Association of Social Responsibility supports corporate social responsibility and sustainable business in the Czech Republic, connecting organisations from corporate, nongovernmental, educational and public sectors. We have created a logo representing these sectors, the website and graphics for all its projects.
The platform

The website serves as an informational platform for the members and the public.
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Too long…didn’t read?

We have decided to create an annual report that would be engaging and fun to watch. By creating an animated video and a microsite with all the essential information, we have also saved some trees as there was no need to print it.
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responsible school project

Through the innovative project Responsible School, A-CSR introduces Czech schools to a complex approach towards social responsibility and thus changes the behaviour of future generations. We created a playful animated website and a platform for schools to take an active part in the project.


We have created a webpage full of fun and entertaining illustrations.

We wanted to attract mainly the teachers from kindergardens and elementary schools and offer them an engaging platform. After they register, there is a functional tool for creating and sharing projects.
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Tips & tricks
a guidebook about corporate social responsibility

The aim was to make this guidebook about corporate social responsibility attractive and easy to read. We created papercut illustrations and used origami as a tool for sharing the content.